Alexandra Lewis
3 min readNov 16, 2020


In 2010, my sisters and I came up with an elaborate scavenger hunt. To the best of our memory, and several arguments later, here it is.

For this assignment, I imagine people playing this game by taking my clues and putting their own spin on what the items could be. Can you pass?

Objective: The goal of ‘Professor’ is to find all the items hidden throughout the house (or outdoors if you’re feeling adventurous) using the clues provided to you by the Professor; fail to find the items, and you fail school. Forever.

Players: 1 Professor, 2-? Students

Rules: In your house the Professor has hidden seven items. It is up to you and your fellow classmates to find all the items and bring them back to the Professor. The Professor will give you the first clue but from there you are on your own.

In exchange for money the Professor will be willing to give you a hint if you’re stuck.

Items may be hidden inside, outside, or in dangerous locations. Professor, make sure no one needs the oven or the hose when planning out clues.

Clues must be found in order. If you find one out of order, you failed.

This school doesn’t allow backpacks therefore students can only carry one item at a time. After each item is found, it must be brought to the Professor.

The final item MUST be something sweet.

Clues: Normally the Professor would come up with a new set of clues and items to find each round, but for this assignments sake I made my own as an example.

The First Clue: The Professor starts the game by handing the students the first clue. As quarters are often found in wallets, laundry rooms, cars, and piggy banks, nothing is off limits — including your parents wallets. Any quarter won’t do, it specifically had to be a North Carolina quarter. Clue one led the students to a purse, where they found the second clue.

The Second Clue: This one is vague, good luck. Clue two ended up having the students digging through old beer caps until they find the buried clue.

The Third Clue: Could be Percy Jackson, could be Harry Potter, regardless it’s a minimum of 20 books to comb through.

The Fourth Clue: A lot of places have burning potential… hence why we made it a rule to make sure no one needed the oven before we started hiding clues and items.

The Fifth Clue: Rather self-explanatory.

The Sixth Clue: This one depends on the day.

The Seventh Clue: My sisters and I were not above making each other dig through the trash…

The End: …however, this time it was old candy corn that needed to be thrown away.