When I picture the internet it’s like a neighborhood: seemingly independent with each part minding their own business in their respective homes. However, the reality in that is each time a part drives home they pass other parts to get there. They can look at their neighbors outside décor, the cars they drive, how they decorate for holidays and at some point come to the realization that each part is intertwined with one another.

On the snapshot of the neighborhood one can see that it’s ocean front and the houses are on top of each other but it’s hard to tell what’s inside without “clicking” on each house to see what’s programmed inside of it.

With the image above and below, I tried to show how some parts of the internet are like a family and co-exist with one another- such as JSTOR, Canvas, Google Suites, and e-mails. Other parts like exposure, creativity, innovation, etc. merely live in an apartment building together as they’re more abstract ideas the internet provides but they don’t have to rely on each other.

Somewhere in the ocean, just past what the eye can see, resides the darker aspects of the web. The cyber-bullying, trafficking, stalking, and overall misuse. It’s that one house in every neighborhood that gives off a bad vibe, that your parents tell you to be careful around. No one really knows the extent of what happens inside that house but there’s enough of a general idea to deter passerby’s.