Cinematically I found this movie to be very well done. The back and forth between the two court rooms paired with the story-telling of how Zuckerberg created Facebook made for an amazing movie given that the main character was less than average. However, this was my brain every time Mark tried to defend his actions.

Listening to Mark speak was like listening to a toddler try to explain to you that they didn’t eat the last Oreo despite the incriminating evidence all over their mouth. He never truly admitted when he was wrong. He never apologized either. He simply sat there throwing a silent temper tantrum with every eye roll because things weren’t going his way.

Even though it was impressive how he was able to create his ‘Hot or Not’ list in one night, sometimes it’s more important to ask yourself if you should rather than if you could.

‘Facemash’ seemed to only come about because Zuckerberg was upset he was dumped and in his drunken state determined all women needed to suffer as a result. Even when he had insulted the women of Harvard, he still chose to not apologize and faced zero academic repercussions.

The only person I truly felt sorry for was Eduardo. Throughout the film he was constantly being shut down and rained on every time he attempted to monetize Facebook and all his contributions were viewed as Zuckerberg’s. When The Facebook was officially launched, they even mentioned how Mark labelled it ‘A Mark Zuckerberg Production’ on every page of the website. Without Eduardo, Facebook would not have happened and I found Zuckerberg’s actions towards him to be quite cruel.

Despite my personal views on the man, he did still amass an empire that most people wouldn’t have been able to do. Do I think this warrants an honorary degree? Not really.

To top off my thoughts on the movie is this gif that embodies how I pictured the Winklevoss twins to be every time Facebook gained notoriety: shaking.